Friday, November 25, 2011

One of Five

According to Nathan Meunier, Ty's game is one of five to watch for in 2012... Exciting much? did an article and Ty's game was included in the review. Ty says it well via FB, "This is an insane list of indie games and Catapult for Hire was included?! Can you please pass me some of that humble pie? Thanks."

Here is Nathan's review: (Thanks Nathan!)

Hurling large destructive projectiles at things and sending them toppling in piles of sweet wreckage is always pretty awesome, but it's not every day that you get to put yourself into the shoes of a professional freelance catapultist. When the realm's greedy King-Lords make off with their secret gold stashes, the resulting economic downturn spurs knight-turned-rock hurler Sir Knottingsforth to set out on his own in an attempt to make a quick buck by slinging his catapult for the highest bidder. Tyrone Henrie's one-man effort, Catapult For Hire, puts an inventive twist on physics-based bombardment games that goes beyond wanton destruction -- though there's plenty of that too.

The main campaign has you lugging your huge catapult around the land taking on jobs for clients. This earns you money that lets you upgrade your rig, unlock new kinds of things to fling with it, and construct a mighty stronghold to store and protect your arsenal. Money shouldn't be too scarce, since it seems the wacky local citizens will have plenty of tasks for you to accomplish, ranging from smashing castles and slaying tentacle monsters to tracking down ancient artifacts and finding creative ways to clean up an underwater oil slick.

Then there's catapult fishing, which might just be the coolest way to fish -- short of using dynamite and chainsaws. Wrangling fish for extra coin requires special lures for various types of fish. Attaching other unique parts and munitions to your rig opens up a whole new world of uses for the thing too, and this upbeat indie's well-rounded approach aims to showcase just how far you can push the creative envelope with a giant war machine.

Bella and I are so proud of you Ty. We wish you were with us this Thanksgiving, but we certainly felt thanks for your hard work during this last stretch. You can do it!! We love and miss you. See you soon! ... On the beach...movin' with the waves, in the sea. Nothin like you an' me. :0)

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