Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tiny Bubbles

Ty is the master bubble blower.
I tried to act all smart by telling him I figured out how to make this bubble blower ROCK. Yeah. He squashed that arrogance in no time. Just LOOK AT THOSE BUBBLES!
We were certain that the nearby grocery store would think it was raining bubbles. These suckers float forEVER!
Bella thought it was a party.
She grabbed her bubble popper (the ore for the blow up boat) and owned those bubbles!
Our friend Ellie Bean came by to visit with her mommy. She's so adorable!
Ty making them big time.
Bella adoringly looked on. She looks so submissive and heart-meltingly cute here. I love how she looks like she's thinking her daddy is the coolest person EVER for making the coolest bubble party EVER.
It was fun to get some time, what seemed more like quality time, with Ty. He's got a deadline on Monday for his publishers, so he's been feeling pressure to get it ready. He also feels the pressure from home, too though. I'm not letting him slip through our fingers so easily. We are going to work together to make meal times more planned and the time after meals be more intentional. Family time is going to be a more sacred time, when I don't let my interruptions creep in, and same for Ty.

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  1. For some reason those Gymboree bubbles really do go forever! Caroline received some for her birthday, and they lasted for almost a year with lots of use! Enjoy your sweet husband and little girl!


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