Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sometimes, I wear stretchy pants. In the mud.

Sometimes it's just nice to play in the mud.
My fabulous neighbor Raquel hooked me up with a free pass to the 2nd annual Dirty Dash this year, and I'm thinking she's pretty awesome for doing that. THANK YOU!!!
We ran a 10k (6.2miles) through tubes of mud, endured gale-force wind pressured water hoses, waded through a swampy channel, dove down a giant slide, climbed over a towering spiderweb rope thing, and the HILLS! Oh the hills. Bless those beautiful hills that made me hammies sing! WHEW!
Gettin' my green energy juice on!!! Power up!
Jenny brought her green smoothie, too!!!
SHOE POWER!!! Mine gave me blisters. And PoWER to the porta-potties! AKA Honey Buckets. Really? Nothing about those things are SWEET.
Spiderman dude made me laugh. Oh, and the bobsledders and the rednecks with MULLETS.
Onlooking the 1-miler for kids. Bowen and Riley were ready to get DIRTY

Behold the beauty of Soldier Hollow.
The post-race peaches were to DIE for. Made in Midvale at some farm. Don't worry, I saved the seed and I'm gonna grow mah OWN! And look at all those shoes. I had never seen such a pile of shoes before. And for such a good cause!

The end-of-race MUD PIT!!!!!!!
We're a little dirty.
It was kind of a fun Saturday. Just kind of.

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