Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's Conference Again!

Twice yearly, our church does a worldwide conference held for members and nonmembers alike. Everyone can benefit from these addresses, as they speak on topics like Facing the Future with Faith, Hope, and Becoming as a Little Child.

It's a special time when we hear our prophet's voice and other servants of Jesus Christ, and it's also a time of review for the individual.

For me, I receive answers to questions I have, like - How can I be a better parent? and How can I be a better spouse? So yeah, I look forward to General Conference, and enjoy rereading the talks over the following 6 months.
A friend of mine had a tent up in her living room the other day, and I thought how fun it would be for Bella to have a tent up...and what better time than Conference to do that? So, just like the people in the Book of Mormon during King Benjamin's address (Mosiah 2:6), we too have our tents set up so we can listen to the prophet's voice.
Armed with coloring activities and games, and TREATS, I think we're a little excited about Conference this year! Let me know what your favorite talks were, if you listen!!

During the closing song, "I Am a Child of God", Bella was singing along and it was such a tender moment. I learned a lot this first session. Bella was a crazy lady, but if I kept her fed, she was happy.

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  1. Loved so many talks this morning! Boyd K Packer and Pres Uchtdorf! Good idea for conference!


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