Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Nerve


Mr. Throb has taken a hike. Someone strike up the hallelujah chorus!

Root canals really aren't too bad. I tried to tune Dr. Harris out and just watch TV with my headphones on, but honestly I was way more interested in the long twig-like files he was digging in my roots with.

Actually, it's a really fascinating process...but I'll spare you the details.

After two days of flu-like symptoms, I think my body is finally accepting Mr. Crown and all the unexpected drilling, heating, blowing, numbing, whatever-else-ing that happened to it.

The nerve. It's gone. No, really. The nerve that once filled my tooth with life and mucho's gone.

And I've never been happier to drink a glass of water in big gulps instead of sips!!!!!!!

Do you think the "No Pain No Gain" statement applies to my tooth? Never thought of it that way before.

Must be getting late. Just thought I'd update. Happy slumber to all. Especially to me, without Mr. Throb on the loose!

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