Friday, September 9, 2011

Or Not To Cook

I have lost all inspiration. To cook that is.

If canning pickles and salsa counts as cooking, then I guess I've cooked TWICE this week!

But really, I want more in my meals. More variety. More veggies. More satisfying goodness.

So I remembered this blog a friend told me about. Oh She Glows.

The girl who writes it used to have an eating disorder, but overcame and learned to love food. Read her "About" section.

Here are some I really want to try...

If you try any of these before I do, please tell!

I'm feeling a bit more hopeful about meal time, to say the least. Happy cooking!

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  1. Hey, I wonder who told you about that blog? I just made the delicious roasted tomato basil pesto noodle dish. Her newest post. It was so delicous, I was licking it like crazy. love you, lets have a phone date.

    I am in a cooking rut too. I figure i keep making the same things over and over again.


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