Friday, September 16, 2011

Hogle Zoo

The baby elephant had us all captivated as it pushed a huge plastic toy around the area.
If it were up to Bella, she would have her own carousel and she would ride it all day long. She whined and cried and kicked and screamed for more rides... Really, what is it about going in circles to Elvis music that gets them so excited?
My awesome friend Tami came up to visit and suggested this whole idea! And I'm glad she did. The overcast weather kept us all cool and happy, and it was so nice to see her again!
This sign made me laugh, because the indoor area had an echoing effect and with all the little kids, it seemed like an impossible feat.. Keeping voices down seemed more like a joke!
Bella was seriously a blur, just like this picture of her running. She couldn't wait to see the next thing. And this monkey really had me laughing. Just look at that hair-do!
Choo Choo rides are a must, even if you can barely understand the poor girl who has to repeat the same thing over and over, speed-talking into her microphone....and then puts the train in overdrive to get it over with. Thank goodness other people are willing to do that for a job!
Overall, a very fun day!

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