Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Mary

Mary Beekman is my girl.

"My Girl" means I was once her young womens leader, making her 'mine'.

I feel this sort of possessive mother-like love for all my girls that I work with in young womens.
I think it just comes with the calling.
A little over a year ago, we talked about college as this distant, elusive thing.

Mary is the oldest of 6 kids, making her a huge help to her family.
How can she leave her large (supportive!) family behind in Florida?

Mary was encouraged by many to explore all options for college, but felt like going to a church-school would be her best option.
How would she pay for tuition, books, a flight?

I was determined to get this girl off to college! While living in Florida, I remember making a packet for Mary with every ounce of college information she'd need.

FAFSA was one of those things. Mary had never heard of it, but after qualifying she now has the opportunity of attending BYU-I! If you aren't aware of this federal student aid, check out their website now!
So now she's here. A first-time flyer and the first to go to college in her family. I am so proud of her for chasing her dreams and for having the faith to just DO it!

She didn't have all of her questions answered and all of her concerns laid to rest when she wanted (especially with regards to her financial aid!), but she faithfully stuck to her plan and knew it would all work out!
They just left this morning and I can't help but feel so happy!
I am so proud of Mary and wish her the best in all she does!

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