Friday, July 22, 2011

Sealed for Eternity

In case you didn't already know, I'm a "mormon". We don't traditionally call ourselves that - typically it's "I'm a latter-day saint". A more accurate title.

So this post may not mean as much to you, as it did me, if you aren't a latter-day saint. So here's a little background.

"Sealed for Eternity" means bound together by the authority of God (with the now restored priesthood authority that was once on the earth at the time of Christ in biblical time), and not just until death do you part. For eternity.

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, being sealed in the temple is the crowning event most members strive to reach. It's not just "oh, I wanna do that" - it's I need to exercise faith in Jesus Christ, live a morally clean life, and make sacred covenants with God. It's not an easy path to live within the laws that God has set, but that's what makes it worth it. We are striving daily to have our natures changed, to be better and to be happy.

So on with my point. My wonderful neighbors and friends, Jeff and Nicole Byrne, were sealed to each other and to their children for time and all eternity yesterday in the Salt Lake Temple, and I was blessed to attend such a special time in their lives. They were civilly married a few years ago, but now they are sealed together forever.

Me, Nicole, Jaimee, and Ashley.

It was a sacred and beautiful ceremony and I am so blessed to know them. Thank you Byrne family for sharing your light with me and all those around you! We love you!

I was reminded of the day I was sealed to my family in the Atlanta Georgia temple in 1998:
Then again the day I was sealed to my eternal best friend, Tyrone, in the Denver Colorado Temple in 2005! (Still looking for that picture!)


  1. So we were sealed in the temple in 1990? I was one and Savanna and Isabelle were born??? You mean like 98, I think?

  2. hahahaha...oops! major math error! lol! thanks for your skills madi.


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