Monday, July 4, 2011

Flaming Gorge Trip

The drive to Flaming Gorge was BEAUTIFUL!!! Luckily I just followed Mykel who was pulling the big red boat, so I could enjoy the ride. Bella was such a trooper!!

On the side of this blue bucket Bella is sitting in, it warns against letting children play inside it. Parent of the year award?

The first night in our tent she said, "No house (refering to the tent). Mobee (movie), Eat" She didn't like the idea of living without her precious TV. Boy, have I created a monster!

One day, because of the heat, she slept in her diaper in the pack-n-play under the canopy. I couldn't believe how well she did considering the noise and wind! Again, what a trooper!

Bella became one with nature as I couldn't get her to keep her clothes on. Ugh! I finally just gave up. That's my "NAKEN" girl!

Bella adores her cousin Bryan, and I think the feeling is mutual. Bryan was such a help to me with Bella.

I got to hang out with many of Camille's family (my sis-in-law) while there. Mama Collett, Shane, Yvonne, Yarnell and Kelly came out, and it was fun to get to know them better. They are fun and awesome people!!!

Bella's Grandma Bev and Grandpa Rouel came out, too, and that was nice to see them.

My awesome bro-in-law Mykel made sure we were all well entertained by taking us boating, and wake boarding each day. Man, my neck meat was BEAT! Yowza. Need to land softer next time. Thank you Mykel for your endless accommodations and for your kindness.

Sunsets were always a beautiful sight. As evident, we made the most of our sunset light.

We always had plenty of delicious food to eat. Camille, my sis-in-law and friend, like always was a wonderful hostess and cook. With help, she made sure we were well fed and having a good time. Thanks for everything and for making me feel like part of the family!

All of the cousins had a blast together!! Bella especially loved having so many buddies. Loryn, Aubrey and Bella were so cute together.

We made them a swim area, since there was no beach front for the kids to play on. The water was a little chilly, but of course, made it work. Bella was the ring leader and would holler, "Ready! Set! GO!" Then all three would jump in the little boat/pool at once.

There's nothing like a good camp fire.

Life jacket + humming boat = stabilized sleepy 2-year-old.

Despite wind and rain on a daily basis, it was an extremely memorable trip. Bella was a super trooper, survived without her luxuries and endured tent life.

Good times.

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