Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 3

A parade to celebrate pioneer day!

What better way than to have the missionaries serving in Ogden leading along in song!

Savanna practiced her band skills with the passing high school bands.

Keepin' cool some orange popsicle lovin'

I think I had just tripped, and mom thought it was funny.

After parading, we hit up the mall for some shopping and lunch. We must have spent 2 hours in The Quilted Bear shopping around. Too many cute things in that store!!!
Bella havin' some lunch.

And since we love to eat, we enjoyed some Bella's mexican food for dinner. Wow, we eat out a lot.

To finish off the day, we visited with Mykel, Camille and family. Original plans included boating, but the weather had us roasting mallows and blowing up fireworks in the backyard instead. We were happy to do whatever, and we had a blast doing whatever!

Cute Cole and Bry with their cute mama Camille.

Look at those springy bouncy girls and all that hair!

Kickin' back.

Iphone bumping. I'm not in the Iphone club, so I don't even know.

Dis be my sista from another life.

Jasper is the most chill dog you'll ever meet, with a pretty chill owner, too.

Seriously, this is not a toy frog. It jumped on Cole's face and had us all dying.

Savanna the dog whisperer.

Grandma Judy protected Bella from the scary fireworks. Curious, then scared, curious, then frightened back inside. Poor girl.

What a fun, exhausting day! Mom and I were up until 1am just having girl time, so we're ready for bed.

Feeling fat and happy.

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  1. Such a great night! I loved sitting out in the glow of the evening sun! I also love the pictures of my boys and the one with us - my new fav!


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