Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 1

My FAMILY is here from Florida!!!! WOO HOO! It's a happy day.

Mostly we just do nothing, cuz being together is most fun. We made lots of plans, but now that they're here, we just play, eat and nap. Bella is obviously the center of most of the attention, but I don't mind. That just means I can take a shower when I please.

Today we hit up some yard sales, followed by the Ogden Farmer's Market. Juicy cherries, homemade salsa, artisan bread, and local antique artistry makes for a fun day. Next time we'll remember the stroller though!

Yesterday I gave them a taste of the popular Zeppe's Italian Ice and a joy ride around beautiful North Ogden.

Overjoyed upon arrival! They all dropped their bags and ran towards Bella. They were all cryin' , so I was cryin', then they cried some more...chain reaction with us women.

I had to show off my garden and my friend Jenny Jaggi, of course! (My garden is in Jenny's backyard)

We moved from their home (in Florida) in October of 2010, and our last visit was February 2011. They have been missin' their Bella!!!! And Bella has been missin' them...when I ask Bella to hold my hand, she says, "No...Gamm-ma", then runs to hold Grandma Judy's hand; and she always asks for her "Ant-Tees", and runs around like a lunatic chasing and tickling.

It's so fun with family!

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