Thursday, July 14, 2011

Girls camp

I ADORE my girls in my church calling. Young womens is where it's at!
We hang out once a week during activities, and once a year, we have girls camp.
The purpose of girls camp is to help the girls draw closer to their Savior and realize their relationship with Him can be personal.
The theme of our camp this year was "Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful".
We learned from our guest speaker that being our own kind of beautiful means loving ourselves the way we are, with the beauty and talents we have been blessed with.

Jaime Capener brought three bouquets of flowers - one dozen roses with a daisy in the middle, a bouquet of wild flowers, and a bouquet of daisies with one rose in the middle. Sometimes we are the rose in the middle of a bunch of daisies, wishing we had what the daisies had. Jaime then pretended to be the rose, and plucked some of the petals off, and added some daisy petals to the rose.

She asked us if the rose looked like the daisy, and of course, it only looked like a rose trying to be something it was not. She then quoted Judy Garland,

" Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else"
Before our hike, we wrote something on a rock we wanted to get rid of in our lives...and symbolically, we threw it off the hill we hiked.
Kyraya is such a fun and goofy girl! We were happy she was able to come to girls camp with us!

Testimony night around the fire was amazing.

Overall, girls camp was like a glimpse of heaven. All of us girls laughing, loving and having so much fun together!!! I wish it was girls camp ALL the time!

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