Thursday, May 6, 2010

Swimming, Shopping and Sewing - OH MY.

Belly Laughin' Bella. Goodness I love this child.

My Little Make-up Remover. She's so thoughtful.

Finally it's warm enough to swim!! We went to the YMCA last week, and Bella LOVED it! She was kicking her legs and lovin' life. Boy was she pooped after though!!

Updates on the quiet book I'm making Bella... I've mostly finished sewing the to come. Right now I'm working on the Barn page where the doors open to a few barnyard finger puppets. FUN!!! I know...they still need eyes.

We had a blast at Sams Club. Bella was a little princess in her fancy shopping cart, baby in one hand, strawberry in the other. She is such a ham!! She was waving at everyone, but then got shy when an elderly man with his Vietnam Veteran hat started talking to her. He eventually got a smile from her.

Bella is almost a year old!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!!!! Oh...and we're gonna party like it's 1999, too.

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