Thursday, May 13, 2010

Melt me now

I used my grandpa's old Nikon (50mm Lens) with REAL 35mm film for these pics. You have to manually set the ISO, Shutter speed, aperture... and the focus. I'm lucky any of them turned out!!

Had to share. Gushing mother here. :0)


  1. I've fallen in LOVE with film: polaroid, 35mm, 120, 127 and 110 is what I've been spending my pennies on. I've almost stopped using my digital camera. You should get a Diana F+ camera - they're pretty cheap and they're magical. I think you'd love it.

    Your girl is getting big!

  2. These pictures are amazing!!! I meant to ask you what type of camera you normally use because your pictures are always incredible. Also, did you take a photography class or are you just naturally gifted? :)

  3. Vanessa! I will have to look into that kind of camera! Thanks for the ideas! Yeah. I love film, but it's TORTURE to have to wait to see the picture. Which I guess is fun, too, cuz then it's all exciting like Christmas morning. Thanks again!

  4. Melanie! Thanks my friend! I normally use my little point and shoot digital - it's an old Canon SD550. I like using my mom's Canon SD970 'cuz it has a bigger screen, but I mostly use my point and shoot. It's easier to throw in the bag. I also have a Canon Rebel XT. I wanted an SLR, but didn't want to pay $ it's my starter. And it's been a great one! I'm still learning on it. SO FUN.

    To answer your question, I signed up to receive emails from an Online Digital Photography School and I just read. That's how I learn. Here's the site: Pretty awesome stuff! Enjoy!!

  5. I love the picture of you and Bella. You look so pretty and Bella is a darling little girl. Happy belated first birthday to her.

  6. holy cow i love those. gorgeous. come take pictures of me and my baby.


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