Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

 We went to the pumpkin patch with our friends the Fonotisateles and the Hyatts this weekend, and unfortunately I didn't plan ahead with the weather factor. I dressed Bella in a short sleeved sun dress in flip flops....and I hadn't done her hair for the day. SO I found some warmer clothes in my trunk in the donation pile, and bundled her hair up in a clip. With all the adorable clothes she has, this was the best I could do on a day when I knew I'd be taking pictures. Go me.

 Bella's friend Halia found a cute little pumpkin, while Bella decided to make this horridly squishy thing hers.Thankfully they let me pick out another one for her, since Bella chose one of the undesirables. 

 My new friend and neighbor Kelli came with her adorable little boy Connor. They make such a cute picture! And the donkeys really like carrots! 
 Bella sliding down a hay bale slide wearing a sundress. Her poor little legs were all scratched up from climbing up the thing and from walking through the pumpkin patch. Mother of the year award much?

 The storm looming nearby was really cool to watch roll in, but not so cool to be in once it started kicking up all the dust!

Once the party was over, Bella and I were treated to dinner, and felt pretty grateful they let us be the third wheel! I'm pretty sure everyone needs amazing friends like I have! 

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