Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Wintry Day

Today was a wintry day...
Behold the first snow this fall! Already??

So we picked up our friend Boo, and headed on down to the library. That place is where it's AT!

 On Thursdays they  have discovery time for her age group, and Bella loves it. She's such a ring leader!
They loved the craft table with the scissors...They only left the table a few times to see what the other kids were doing during song and dance time.Goofy kids!

My princess butterfly ladybug. She's not sure what this outfit is supposed to be! And the lovely card my mom sent me.

Just needs some spiders I think, and maybe some lights.

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  1. Thanks to you for starting the whole, "plump rump card tradition" I cannot walk past one in the store and not purchase it!! Bells looked adorable in her outfit and boots!! No likey the snow!! Pretty to look at!!


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