Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Faith is like a Seed

The stake Young Women in Excellence program was this night, and I thought it was FABULOUS!

 Here is our table, displaying our gardening skills we have been acquiring as a youth group. The Personal Progress program is what inspires the whole "Night of Excellence" to begin with. It's to help young girls, ages 12-18, set goals, learn about their true identity, and ultimately help them build a relationship with their Savior.

It started off with testimony from the youth regarding each value in the program, followed by a beautiful presentation where the Cox's painted this picture of the Savior. At first it was hard to determine what it was, but eventually you could see the whole picture. It really set the mood and spirit for the evening. Sister Cox spoke about virtue and something she quoted that stood out to me was this.
"What we love, we shall grow to resemble" - Bernard of Clairveaux
 It seemed so fitting with the painting they had just created.
Uplifting night, without a doubt.

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