Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fever Day 5

Being sick sucks...

And based on that statement, I have learned this thing about myself....


Yes, this fever has persisted going on 5 days now (for Bella, in case that wasn't obvious by the pictures), and it's been hard to "see the bright side" and be positive! WHY? I don't know. Maybe you can tell me.

Feeling better on day 2, we ventured outside and found this grasshopper.

So here's how I need to think:

I am blessed with a healthy happy girl most of the year.
I get to hold this busy little bee in her sweet calm slumber.
I get to memorize "How to Train Your Dragon" and speak like a viking! (okay, that one wasn't quite as sincere)
I get to be Bella's hero, from morning through night.
I have amazing neighbors and friends who express concern and love for my Bell via text, prayers, and yummy popcicles!
Seriously, I am soo freaking blessed it's RIDICULOUS! 

Behold, the sin of ingratitude is upon me.
Here's to thinking happy thoughts!

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