Monday, August 29, 2011


Ty decided to spend some time camping with some high school friends in the Uintah Mountains, so we drove out to Neola where Bella and I got to spend some time with my fabulous in-laws. We stayed with Yarnell and her family, and had a fun time together!
nice melon. wow. i have a big head, cuz that melon was a triple XL!
raw neola beauty.
father-in-law with the brother-in-law. goofy boys.
Loryn is a year older than Bella and these two are adorable together...when they're not fighting over the same toy...or a crippled butterfly.
Ty (behind me) being the best smile-maker EVER.
I didn't think Bella would actually eat this tomato like an apple. But she did.
Wonderful family everywhere.
Bret thinks his tractor's sexy.
Teryn thought Ty was the most hilarious thing he'd ever seen. I think Ty and I could make a great team for photographing kids!!!! He even made me chuckle a bit.
Teryn taking flight in mama's arms.
Intense game of Foosball.
Enthusiastic, spastic Jeryn. Ty's twin in every way.
Rainbows and unicorns. A magical sight for my eyes.
The butterfly cowgirl.
Sweet succulent garden strawberries. Why can't we get these at the grocery store? C'mon!
Buddy riders.
Mr. Horse kindly packed us around for a while. Bella wishes this were her first pet.
Poor Ty had just returned from hiking/camping with his buddies and was exhausted. I think his dark circles had dark circles of their own!
Completely posing...and I LOVE every ounce of this pic. If only it was perfectly SHARP!
Baby fingers. Love 'em. Wait, she's a toddler.
And the poor little butterfly that Loryn and Bella cried, screamed and fought over. It had most of it's wings missing, and for some reason, I felt sad for the little guy! A butterfly that couldn't FLY? That sounds like a children's book.
Bev's flowers are always so beautiful. Her garden and flowers seem to have a lifting effect. I love plants! Me thinks my green thumb is getting greener.
Stubby tail cat. Hilarious. And the darling birdhouse Bev made. Talent much?!
Grandma Bev and her little dolly. I love how she calls her grandkids that. I don't know anyone else who uses that word, and I think it's adorable.
For all of us, the drive home was a VERY tiring one. Happy to be home safe.

Oh, and just a note about my sister-in-law Yarnell. She wins the Best Host Award, holy moly! She let me take over her life and did whatever the heck we wanted. Just rolled with it. Fish tacos again for lunch because they were amazing? Yeah, no prob. Whipped 'em right up without even a blink. Horse back riding in mid-day sun? 60 pound saddles ain't got NOTHIN' on her! And she did it all for us.

And of course, I didn't leave her home empty handed. She made sure I took the rest of her brown rice I raved about, the 6 jars of apricot jam she taught me how to make (from Dani's trees!), the old junky this-n-that she was getting rid of, and whatever else she thought I'd might like. I want to be more thoughtful and just give people things if they like it. Give because I have been given so SO much. And my mother-in-law is this way, too. She's always sending us home with fresh garden veggies, beef, and a meal to pop in the oven when we get home. I am so blessed to be part of this family!

It was a refreshing, enjoyable weekend with my fabulous, wonderful in-laws!

See ya WAITER!!! Oh I love this girl...

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