Monday, August 1, 2011

Lavender Expo

My wonderful friend and neighbor Linda spends about a month out of the year making lavender gifts for her friends and family, and she welcomes any and all to make some for themselves. Including the neighborhood kids!

My sister, Isabelle, has been with me for a few extra days, and everyday she tells me her plans - "I'm going to Linda's to make more lavender crafts!"

Isabelle has found her twin - Lauren Bowen. She's my darling neighbor, and they have been attached at the hip during these past few days! They're so cute.

Bella is a woman who knows what she wants - the bumble bee costume trumps all! Even in summer heat! That's my girl.

Bella really wasn't much help with the lavender crafts, but it was fun to play in the shade with good company anyway. She mostly played with Linda's dog Teddy, who is adorable btw.


  1. I want one!
    Lavender is my favorite herb.
    I want to use it as something the flower girl throws down the aisle at my future wedding!!


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