Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Catapult Update

So my husband has been working from home for almost 2 years now - one of those years we lived with my parents while he chased this dream of making games. After gaining attention at a competition through IndiePub, then being offered a publication deal - his dream was finally becoming a reality. And yes, in this economy! Are we crazy? Maybe a little. Lucky? Some might say yes. But mostly I attribute our progress to God, a loving Heavenly Father.

From quitting a great job in Utah, moving to Florida to take a chance, and now being where we are...the miracles through the whole process are undeniable and we can't help but feel gratitude.

Catapult for Hire has a few more months before completion, but I already feel like it's sold millions. If the measure of success is the growth and change experienced through the process of challenge, then we are richly successful.

Seriously, there have been times that this game has made me a crazy, resentful, angry wife!!!! (Emphasis on the crazy), but I overcame...and not on my own. Through the faith, hope, repentance, and love that the Savior offers to each of us, I have been strengthened beyond my understanding.

So even if this game only sells one copy, I know I can be happy with the things I have learned through this process. But don't get me wrong, I want this game to sell!!

Here is the latest he's working on. It's getting good reviews and people seem to be excited about it. Always motivating to have positive feedback!

I don't even know how he does it. Typically when making a game, you have people you work with, different departments, meetings, sharing of ideas, revising, etc etc. He has to do it all himself, and occasionally consult with me. Dude, I don't speak code monkey!!! I always have to remind him to keep it simple when he describes his game stuff to me. But if it's something visual, like fonts or colors, I can usually handle it. I tell him all the time to teach me how to make music, or how to sculpt in 3D so I can make props. He just laughs.

Hey, maybe we can employ Bella in a few years?

This game has been in the making for as long as Bella has lived, so of course, that's all she knows. She'll grow up thinking all daddys stay home to work. I actually never thought about that until now. Despite the challenges that come with a work-from-home husband, I think I prefer it.

I really love having Ty home and I think this year has been a great one. Hard? Yes. But more than great.

Keep up the hard work Ty. Thank you for taking care of your ladies.

We love you for your heart of gold!

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