Friday, August 19, 2011

Farmers Market

Lovely lovely evening.

With fresh cucumbers for canning...

and Som Tum
(a party-in-my-mouth Thai cuisine)...

And my two loves...

Doesn't get much better than THAT.

This sweet lady made my Som Tum. She asked me how hot I wanted it, and thinking one Thai pepper wasn't much, I quickly realized how wrong I was about Thai chili peppers. My whole head on fire, but I couldn't stop eating it! Mouthwatering. Satisfying. Best. Ever. End of story.

Bella thinks it's funny to ninja kick my camera.

Yes, I was there.
Beautiful, fun drive home.

I love spending time with my loves! As Bella would say, "More Dat".

For my own memory, tonight Bella did the most adorable thing.
During family prayers, Bella usually follows our lead and closes her eyes (mostly) and folds her arms. For the first time, she showed interest in what we were praying about.

She said, "And Ava...Aubrey". It was the sweetest thing ever!! So Ty included them in our prayers tonight at Bella's request.

I turn to mush when she does stuff like that. Such a fun night!


  1. Have I not told you som tom is my very favorite food of all times! I love it and yes I am a wimp and now down to a half a pepper. I wish I could have met that little Thai lady, I think its a sign you need to come to Thailand with me!

  2. YUM!! I went to a Thai restaurant recently and had som good and Yes, I too thought about having it with the Phelps...made it taste that much sweeter!!


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