Friday, June 17, 2011

Youth Conference

Once a year, our church has a themed conference for youth ages 14-18, where we have fun, enjoy good company and most importantly build testimonies founded on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This year we went to a ropes course where we each were put to different tests.

Climbing, balancing, leaping and falling....these youth are FEARLESS!

Maylee the monkey

I participated in most of the challenges, but the Trapeze had to be my most humbling moment. First you had to climb a 25 foot pole, stand and balance on the platform at the top of it, then leap off and reach for the hanging bar. It's MUCH different once you're the one up there!!!

Even though I was harnessed in and trusted the person handling my rope (Belaying?), for that split moment when I missed the bar, I thought I was going to plummet to my death!!!!

Freaky super much. Yes. Tears burst from my eyes while I laughed in disbelief. I'm ALiVe! Such an unreal experience!

We all talked about the things we learned from this ropes course and it was especially cool to see the light bulb go on for these youth. They got it - It's sometimes freaky to jump off a pole and do something scary, but sometimes in life you just gotta JUMP! And they realized that sometimes they need to trust those around them to hang on to the rope at the other end. There was so much gospel application to the things we did. It was cool to see them understand it.

My silly Courtland

It was my turn to go next - EEK!

Kaylee, Marissa, Courtland and Maylee were our 4 girls who attended the ward youth conference this year.

Silly Brock, Brad and Cameron doing a dance while I test out my camera's shutter speed. LoL.

Marissa and Court / Brock getting the thrill of is life!

This was Maylee's first time canoeing, and I was glad that I got to be with her for it! She's a natural!

Following the ropes course and a delicious dinner at Brick Oven Pizzeria, we enjoyed a spirit-filled testimony meeting where we shared our testimonies of the gospel and the things we had learned from the day. It was eye-opening and humbling to hear these sweet youth express their faith in Jesus Christ and how He helps them through their trials. I am so glad I had this experience with the young people in our ward.

It was a good day.

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