Sunday, June 26, 2011

Celebrate Good Times

In one week, we celebrated our 6 year anniversary (June 25th) and my 26th birthday (June 21st) we took a little trip to Wolf Creek, Utah!
We decided we'd miss Bella if we didn't bring her, so she came along for the fun.
She is such a little fish!
Bella would say, 'Schwimmin' PoooL" most of her waking hours there. She loved to SCHWIM!
Bella found a fly with only one wing, and it became her pet. Gross!!
We brought food from home, and grilled every meal... So yummy!
We took walks every morning - lots of butt blasting hills and beautiful views!
If it weren't for the allergens and the wintry snow, I might live in Wolf Creek! It's such a beautiful place!!

These are the tasty cupcakes that Camille made for my birthday! Mmm!!!!!!
I received so many cards, messages and kind thoughts on my birthday...This girl felt the love.

On the day of our anniversary we decided we'd make a trip to the Bountiful temple - one we had not visited yet. It was a lovely and peaceful time for us to reflect on the promises we made to each other there.

After the temple, we ate at CPK where we used a gift card from 2 years ago! Free lunch! Woo hoo! It was divine, to say the least.
On our way out, we gave our left over pizza to this guy - his sign said, "Disabled Vet. Anything Helps". I think we both left feeling grateful. It was an end to a wonderful week.


  1. Isabelle said, "those flowers do not look real" Aren't those Lupine? looks like you had a relaxing time..Beautiful scenery..And what a great way to celebrate your anniversary...

  2. one time Noah gave my left overs to a homeless man and I was so mad! Noah and you are both better people then I! Love you!

  3. Happy belated anniversary and birthday! Bella is a doll!


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