Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Big Girl Things

Once you turn two, I think you grow up at lighting speed.

Bella is showing more interest in the potty, but isn't quite grasping the concept yet.

She grabs the TP and pretends to wipe, and keeps unrolling until I stop her.

I also finished painting Bella's crib brown (thank you Camille for the paint!!), so we put it together, day bed style.

Yep, she's a big girl now. It's official. She has only fallen out a few times, but seems to be adjusting well.

We figured she was safer rolling out than climbing out, or something like that.

Her friend Olivia, who we call "Boo", came over and loved playing in all the "covers" and jumping on Bella's new bed.

It's a giggle-fest when Boo comes over, and we love it. Those two radiate sunshine wherever they are!

Bella's also singing her ABC's, for the most part, and it's the cutest thing ever.

I didn't realize she knew it so well, until I asked her to sing it and she got most of the letters. Even Ty was like, "Whaa??"

She is always surprising us with the things she says and does.

Some of my recent favorite sayings:

You say, "Bake a Baff" for Take a Bath
You say, "Hot Dog", when pointing to Pluto the dog
You refer to sheep as "Shaun Sheep" because of the show you watch called Shaun the Sheep.
You beckon me, " 'Mon, Mommy" when we go somewhere.
Walking down the stairs, you ask, "Hand?" and reach for mine.
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, is "Twinkle 'Tar"
and Stars are, "Twinkle 'Tars"
Happy Birthday is "Happy Barbie"
And my recent favorite...Instead of saying "No", in a whiny tone, you say, "Mh Mhhhh". It's your way of saying no to me and it's the funniest thing EVER!

That's all folks.

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