Thursday, June 16, 2011

Latest Projects

A minky ribbon thingy and a toddler bath robe. I used a tutorial for the minky, but didn't have any pins, so that was interesting. And the bath robe was an experiment. Bella needed something for at the pool that would stay a zipper did the trick! Only thing is, she takes it off no problem. Doesn't seem to stay on too long, but that's okay. It gets her dry and warm while she has a snack.

Snackin' on the community popcorn bowl.

Bella loves hanging with Lauren (11) and Cole (9) in their blow up pool! She giggles while they leap, splash and make a scene. It's hilarious to watch, actually!


  1. you're so crafty Em! and little Bella is so big! I was thinking about you the other day. i hope you're all doing good and are happy. love you!

  2. You amaze me every time I look at your blog! Cant wait to see your face in person!!!


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