Saturday, June 18, 2011

Henrie Reunion 2011

This year our journey to the Henrie Family Reunion was only a 10 minute drive instead of a 4 hour flight! That is definitely a perk to living out here!

Aubrey and her cute smile

We spent most of our time outside, since the weather was beautiful!

Bella loves riding Aubrey's bike!!

Bella loved seeing all of her cousins, especially Alexis and Moses who flew in from Hungary!

Ty, Shane and Mykel geekin' out

Some of us played with the latest in technology - Family Feud on the ipad and the talking cat app on the iphone. Who knew that could be so entertaining?

Tyson holding down Cole while his mom attempts to pop a black head. lol!

Dani Phani and I.

Tyson with his cutie Teryn...On right, Loryn and Emelia being cute 3 year olds.

Willard Bay

The many faces of Bella. The one on the right is her latest. In case you couldn't tell, it's her angry face.

Shane and Mindy

Bryan with a smile - Gotcha!

This irritating fluffy stuff fell from a nearby tree, and blew along like a wintry blizzard! Ack! On the right, Grandpa Rouel and Eliza take a break from all the fun.

These would be my silly nephews - Preston, Bryan, Gavin and Dylon

Bella loves her cousin Cole.

Cole and his beautiful mama Camille

Grandpa Rouel
Grandma Bev
Bella would whimper every time Ty would get out to wake board. She was very concerned for her daddy.

Captain Mykel

It was so good to see Heidi, Jake and Brando! They drove all the way from Arizona!


Most of the grandkids all together!

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