Friday, March 27, 2009

Cute Face!!!

I visited the ultrasound tech today and got this darling shot of her face!! Ahh!! SO CUTE!!! She is in the right position (head down) and is definitely a girl :0)

So, I attended a breastfeeding class tonight (which Ty respectfully declined to come to), and among the many myths I got cleared up, it is true - Breast is Best! haha... I was actually surprised by the things I learned! Who knew there was more to it???


  1. that is an awesome pic.... she is so cute!!! i can't wait for her to come and i know you and ty can't wait either!!!!

  2. Haha that is funny. Ty missed out. We just had that class on the last day of our prenatal class last Tuesday and the lady told all the husbands to come. I'm a pro too! Although I couldn't take the old lady "touching" herself at all and had to look away.

  3. she looks like Ty! Isabelle thinks she looks like her... cute, OF COURSE!

  4. Emily, you're so close!!! How exciting! Of course, with a mama like you, she's got to have a cute face. Congratulations again and good luck with this last homestretch!

    *The most useful thing I picked up from our breastfeeding class was this: invest in a couple bags of frozen peas! :)


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