Sunday, March 8, 2009

32 Weeks!

Oh Joy! Look at her grow!
I just saw my friend's newborn this week and I was so giddy! We were laughing at how she was worried her baby would come out with 3 eyes or 11 toes (as I'm sure many mothers can relate). To her relief, her baby has all the right numbers. We'll see about ours though right?

Back to work tomorrow! It's a little strange to imagine not working outside the home anymore, but I couldn't be happier to be a mom! I think I have a rude awakening coming for me though. This weekend we were with family for a wedding, and I found myself thinking with all the little nieces and nephews running awry, "Ew, his hands are filthy and he just stuck them in his mouth!", and "Don't come near me with that runny nose!", and of course I'm cringing at every crumb being dropped on the floor. Boy, have I got it comin'.

As for Ty... he is happily busy with all his latest projects and wishes there was more time in the day! He can't wait to be a daddy and indulge his little girl's every desire, but we'll see about that. :0)


  1. LOL! Yeah, I hate to say this but kids are gross at times. I see Alex doing those very things that you mentioned and I still cringe every time. I honestly think the worst thing is spit up. Don't worry though. You'll think all those icky things are no biggie when your little girl looks at you and smiles!

  2. Now the real countdown can being right? That is how I felt from the husband perspective anyways like it wasn't totally real for me until I could think oh man we will be parents in a month. :) I am very excited for you guys to have the little girl there with you.

  3. gettin soo close!!! i know you are ready for her to be here. i love how your hair is different in all these pics :):) it's always sooo darling!!! love you em


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