Sunday, March 22, 2009

34 Weeks!

There's nothing left to clean and I'm ready for my 3rd nap for the day! I did a water aerobics class yesterday and I thought I got hit by a truck later on. This is getting a little ridiculous, I think. I'm definitely not used to feeling like the fat kid who can't play tag for more than 5 minutes!

The following video demonstrates the daily activity of our little creation...

The one who will bring us endless joy and laughter...
The one who will teach us true love and charity...
The one who makes me feel like the fat kid at the playground...

P.S. We are keeping our cat.
We found him a home and he was actually gone for a whole day! But the owner didn't realize her kid was allergic, so we got him back! I actually cried like a hormonal pregnant lady the day after we gave him away, so I'm glad to have the little squirt here where he belongs!


  1. great video... love to see that she's so active...funny feeling huh? before long she'll be here and you'll be able to catch your breath better!! love ya you look great!!!

  2. That is like the coolest/creepiest thing when you can see your whole stomache move. When our little girl was in the womb she would do just like that it looks like continuous summersalts. Now the countdown can being right?

  3. cool video! and you finally look prego!

  4. Wow! She's really moving! You're going to have a lot of fun trying to keep up with her! :)

  5. Wow!! that was really cool! she is a busy one!!

  6. Yeah, you FINALLY look pregnant!! you look absolutely radiant!!
    so proud of you!
    love mom

  7. You are such a cute prego! You still look tiny to me though! Will you send me your e-mail? I want to show you why I thought that I looked like a moose! Also here is our blog if you want to check it out!

  8. Emmers! You look so dang good- not that I'm at all surprised!

  9. Yeah!!! Only 6 more weeks!!! You look great!


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