Sunday, April 5, 2009

36 Weeks!

I feel like the obnoxious kid on a road trip "Are we there yet?? Are we there yet??" ... I am so excited!!! Hurry up and get here!!

So Ty went with me to a prenatal class yesterday and boy did we get an ear full...and an eye full!! We watched some birthing videos...well, let me rephrase that.
watched some birthing videos, while Ty looked in the other direction. It's definitely too late to turn back now! Ahh!!!

General Conference was great! We watched the Sunday sessions, and I think my favorite was President Monson's "Be of Good Cheer". It's pretty amazing what some people endure and how they're able to keep their spirits up. Whew. It's a good one!

Four more weeks! Here I come!


  1. your prenatal birthing video experience sounds familiar... i watched both the video and scott, who was turning alternating shades of gray and green :) don't worry, ty will be fine when it comes down to it! scott was totally fine the whole time i was in labor and delivery! i'm so excited for you! you're so close!!!! :)

  2. Good job on going to the prenatal classes! I never did! lol. Figured she would come out one way or another! Cant believe you only have 4 more weeks!!!! Crazy! You are going to be a MOMMY!!!!!

  3. You are amazing, woman! You barely look 6 months along and you are 3 weeks from delivery! Amazing! I can't wait to meet the little one!


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