Tuesday, June 5, 2012


we visited Grandma Jettie today in Winterhaven, FL and had a lovely visit! bella got lots of snuggles from grandma, and lots of kisses from Lucky.

 savanna, and my foot.
lucky was all over those bella lips!! as cute as it was, i was just a tad grossed out knowing he likely just finished polishing off his butt.
 Grandma's walls tell quite a story!
more lucky love

Our Grandma Jettie grew up in Mississippi and had "help" just like in the movie "The Help". She told us how she loved those women just like she loved her mother. Her mother, Oleta, had a reputation for being a very kind and generous woman, and would often find baskets of vegetables and fruits left on the porch of their home from their hired help. Oleta was the VP at a bank in town, and was known to give loans out generously to those of color.
 I asked my Grandma if she ever felt the hatred at that time, and she said she never felt that way towards them. They lived with hired help because they didn't know anything different. She treated and respected them just as she would any human being. Yes, they drank from separate fountains and sat in different places, but she never thought of them as less than herself. It's just what their world was like. She said one time, she invited her "help" into the front seat of her car, to which she politely declined (in a thick Mississippi accent), "No, Miss Jettie".

It amazes me that this was even possible!!!! Wow times have changed. It's so cool to hear what it was like from someone who lived it. I look forward to learning more about my Grandma Jettie!

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