Sunday, June 10, 2012

it all started with a nutella sandwich

savanna had a nutella sandwich for breakfast, and that is how it all began.

basically she was having 5 tsp of refined sugar between two pieces of bread (which is half of the daily recommended allowance). at least, that's how i chose to see it. haha.

because we were curious, we decided to see how much sugar was in one serving of nutella, and well, you can see in the pics how it measures up.

each shot glass holds about 10 tsp or 1/2 cup of sugar, to help you visualize.

and 1 tsp = 4 g

it's the refined sugar we all know that gives that lovely muffin top, feeds the bacteria on our teeth, and leaves us energy depleted, yet craving more.

i really think i could be a sugar addict. i salivate when i think of or see a sugar-laden treat.

i'm like pavlov's dog here.

just throwin some sugar awareness out there. haha. maybe i could start a recovering sugar addicts club and only eat natural sugars - from fruits, and natural sweeteners like stevia, raw honey or agave.

who will join?

 (this seems to be a good source for more info on sugar and sweeteners.)

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