Thursday, June 7, 2012


made a stop to the home of the wonderful Dills family!

 bella was foaming at the mouth while holding their kittens. ok, i was too. our voices got all high, like when you talk to a baby. yeah.

  the jar of Dills. ha! i'm so funny. Heather, Samantha, bell, Alonna, Andrew, me. Thomas chose not to take an upaid day off work to see us. i forgave him though.

 that's more like it:

i'm going for the chicken wing look.

these kids baked us GOBS of cookies!!!!! which turned out to be a great lunch. (screaming sugar headache later, but in the moment i was SO feelin' the love!!!) thank you!!

 and there are the three bags of cardiac arrest! yuM!


 we had the best visit. we have missed our Dills family visits and guitar jam sessions. thanks for being wonderful!!!

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