Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Picture Dump

Visited our "Cafe Rio" friend, Stephanie Wendel. Love that girl. Bella lay rocks all around Steph's towel while we chatted. Such a fun visit!!

Later this month, we helped our friend Nicole with volunteering for Ragnar. We were seemingly not needed, but we had a good time anyway! Bella fulfilled her life-long dream of riding on a bus. She was excited, just a tad.

Pre-girls camp, I was playing my guitar quite a bit, so Bella got good at her "Jam face". Love this girl!

So bendy and wiggly. She never holds still, but always looks cute.

 Bell's friend Boo, Halia and Kash came to play. We hang in style - in the garage. 

Absolute favorite breakfast or lunch: Avacado toast. Bell used to have butter on it, but I've converted her to a healthier, unprocessed fat. She LOVES it. As do I. One is perfectly filling and especially delicious with tomatoes! S&P to taste.

 Bell still loves to paint faces. I let her paint mine one morning and now she wants to paint mine all the time. I actually enjoy painting her clean blank-pallet face. It's fun to study her cuteness up close, while she ACTUALLY holds still.

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