Thursday, May 17, 2012

stop being a grown up

bell helped me stop being so grown up today.
we played with my friend's baby chicks...
planted my tomatoes & peppers, played in the dirt looking for spiders...
.. and after shopping a little, we played at the treehouse museum, then i let bell be a dragon. 
after scolding her for painting her body again, i caved. 
fine. tonight, i'm not a grown up.
then i let her run all through the neighborhood growling at everyone with her fearsome dragon-ness.
now all her friends want their faces painted.
tomorrow she's gonna be a dog.


  1. it's soo much more fun not to be a grown up.. your such a good momma.. love the dragon face!!

  2. It looks like you and your daughter have so much fun every day! You are such a fun mom. She is adorable and you are so pretty!

  3. heidi! thank you for saying that. i don't always feel that way! but sometimes it's nice when i can let go and relax a little. bella certainly helps me do that. we miss you guys!!

    laura! we had fun together. she's my little buddy. your little peyton is adorable!!!! i miss you guys and our orem days. hope all is well!!


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