Wednesday, May 23, 2012

puddles and random thoughts

sometimes i use my brain and think about stuff. no really.

and my husband gets tired of hearing what he calls "Emily's parables".

so i thought i'd think aloud here.


my eyes are drawn to them. mostly to avoid them while running, but sometimes because they lead my eyes upward.

i can see the reflection of the blue sky with her fluffy white friends. it's hard not to be mesmerized by how clear the sky seems.

why are there puddles?

it rains.

could the rain be a welcomed storm? unexpected maybe? or mostly just overlooked and tolerated.

what storms are coming in your life? are they tolerated with grumbling and ingratitude?

or are you out rejoicing as each drop hits your face? humbly embracing.

once the storm passes, do you look at the puddles with gratitude and reflect?

does the time of reflection draw your eyes to the heavens?

it does mine.

not all the time. but mostly.

and those are my deep thoughts for the day.


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