Monday, May 7, 2012

Babies and Cows

Headed out to Neola this weekend, where the cows and babies grow.

 The Henrie family welcomed two new babies a few months ago, and this weekend we came out for their baby blessings.

Meet Ryder Todd:

And Auryon Henrie:


  Bella loves the trampoline, especially with big cousin Dylan bouncing her around!



Holding hands never gets old.


 Bret, acting camera shy.



All the football, bubble, cousin action happening... I couldn't put the camera down! Especially for a good crying shot. Poor Aubrey. 

Beautiful day, beautiful family. So nice to get out with my hubbs, too!!!


  1. What a wonderful weekend! Thank you for catching it all on film! Love those Henrie Farm weekends!

  2. Ah.. thanks for all the pics.. sad we can't be there but love that we can get a glimpse of it all!


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