Friday, May 11, 2012

3 years blessed

bell is 3

Could I be any more lucky to have this little girl in my life? I mean, seriously.

A few phrases to sum up this past year:
"Bake a baff"
"Temple song"
"Gimme dat!"
"Henly Fadder"
"NO, MY turn!"
"Omph! My TOOT!"
"My sad'
"Uh-sat Daddy?"
"Daddy no hair. All gone"
"I busy, Daddy, I busy"
"Bring Bella presents?"
"No, mommy, WIKE THIS"
after tooting, "Oh! That's my bum"
"More 'gain, Daddy"

The other night I asked you, "Bella, never grow up, okay?", to which you replied with disappointment, 
"But I want to, mommy".

It was so profound.

Yes, you're here to grow up and learn. But I just want you forever while you're in that tiny little body, with big messy hair wearing footie pajamas, or just nothing.

I love you Bell. Forever and ever. 

Not this much, but THIIIIIS much!

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  1. Love all the cute one liners... love that age.. Enjoy! She's a cutie pie for sure!


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