Monday, April 5, 2010

Planes, Traines, and a Rental Car

Bella's Great-Grandma Connie, Savanna, and me.

Cousins, Aunts and baby Bella. Such fun!

Uncle Jaime showin' me how to rock like a real guitarist.

Bella's Great Grandpa Lou

It's our third day here in Las Vegas, and we are finally getting adjusted to the time change. It's much colder and windier than we anticipated, but a quick trip to the store solved that. We spent Easter Sunday at my Uncle Jaime's house and had a blast. We were all packed in that house like sardines, but that made it all the more fun.

Bella didn't like the Easter basket on her head. Is it obvious?

After our first day here, Bella got a little fever in the night, and all yesterday we spent inside resting. This is her first time being sick, and it's so sad! She's not her usual perky self and wants to be held while she sleeps on your chest. Poor girl. Today her fever is gone, but her boogies are sure flowin! It's all the signs of a cold right now, so there's not much you can do. She's feelin' better today for sure. We're going to have lunch with Grandpa Lou and Grandma Sheila today! Yay! Then tonight I think the family is going to see Cirque du Soleil. Fun!

Chillin' like bob dylan. This was the first of many very LONG and LABORIOUS plane rides to come.

The plane ride was long. We had a 2 hour flight to San Antonio, TX, a 40 minute layover, then another 2.5 hour flight to Vegas. Whew! I was crossin' my fingers that Bella would sleep the whole time like when she was 5 months old - NOT! She's definitely more busy, and sleep was not on her agenda. Okay, I take that back. She slept, but only AFTER we landed. Little stinker.

Bath time with 3rd cousin Noah. Oh what fun.

Havin' a ball at Universal Stuidos with the Navarros and Grandma. Yay!

We had so much fun at Universal! We were so lucky to get to go on a private guided tour throughout the two parks (Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure) where we skipped all the lines and headed right to the front! In one hour alone we rode 5 different rides! Our favorites were definitely The Mummy, Rock-It Rollercoaster, and Dueling Dragons!! I don't think I can go back to a theme park ever again after having this experience!

Bike rides have this effect on little people.

My new buds, Michaela and Noah.

Dad is happy when he has a baby on each hip!
We had a blast with the Navarros, Grandma Jettie, and Michalea and hope they come back soon!! :0)

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