Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Just for the record, I hate the way Canoeing is spelled. The 'e' should be gone. It bothers me.

That comment had nothing to do with anything.

So yeah. We went canoEing with our friends - the Bates family. WAY fun!

Bella takin' a nap. She slept through us fishing for waterlogged branches (nice), and my sisters screaming at the large and scary spider (hilarious).

We were all hoping the gators would eat the drunk people instead of us, who were jumping out of a tall tree into the very shallow water. Free entertainment!

The seriously hilarious and wonderful Bates Family!

Gearin' up to go!

The Crew. Isabelle caught the mating Dragonflies on her arms, while Savanna worked on her tan (or lack thereof), and Ty did all the paddling. Thanks hun.

Many passing Canoe-ers said this was 'cheating'. (Their Canoe has a motor!)


  1. oh that looks so fun!! i wanna go canoeing!

  2. how fun! That does look like a possible gator place of habitat - I am glade you were safe. Bella is a cutie by the way!


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