Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mascara Trouble

I knew she grabbed my tube of mascara - I even watched her twist it open... I must have gotten distracted and rated it a "low" on the danger list for Bella, because I didn't intervene. Whaa?

A few minutes later, I'm on the phone (Oh yeah - that's why I was distracted!) and I noticed Bella's eyes are all dotted with black spots.

Then I look in her hands. There it was - the "low" rated danger item.

Where did my brain go? If you find it, will you return it to sender please? Thanks.

Thankfully nothing else got mascara-ed...just Bella's eyes.


  1. Miss you! Come visit soon! :)

  2. At least she knew where to put it! When Bear got into mine, it was his tongue that was black. Haha

  3. She didn't do too bad, huh!? Ew!!! Poor Bear!!! haha


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