Thursday, March 24, 2011

Community Bathing and Nerding out

Last night my sweet friend Robyn came over to share some yummy treats with us, and after a little while it was time for them to go home for a bath - but her little girl Olivia was NOT having it!

So we decided to have a little community bath time, and it was a riot.

After their community washing, Olivia and Bella jumped in the crib like wild chimpanzees.

Those two were squealing, splashing and giggling up a storm. It was hilarious.

This might be Bella's new daily 'do!

Then this morning, Ty got his nerd on.

The UPS man dropped off his newer, faster, more awesome-er computer. You'd think it was Christmas around here!! He was literally leaping with joy.. What a goofball! I guess I would do the same if it was a box of fabric! To each his own, right?

The big thing he's holding is called a motherboard, or "the small city". And his computer is the thing on the left. Somehow he knows how to put the two together to make a faster, more efficient computer.

I love my nerd.

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  1. haha.. I heart my nerd too!! they are DEFINATELY brothers!!!


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