Saturday, September 11, 2010

16 Months and Utah Bound

Bella has really been trying to talk, and it's so cute! Ty and I laugh so hard when she jabbers on and on.

She is also using new signs to communicate. For example, in the grocery store today, she did the sign for "cracker" and "please". Sweet, right?!?! I tossed some crackers in the cart, and apparently she wanted one! So there you go!

For some words, she prefers using sign language, and other words she just says! I love her sweet little high pitched voice! Bella will grab the phone, press it against her mouth and just start hollering into it. It's absolutely hysterical. I could listen to her jabber away all day.

Bella is quite a little swimmer lately. She'll jump in the pool on my command and will go completely under water for a few seconds, then come up with this incredibly surprised look on her face. She cracks me up!

She was rockin' the goggle look!!! What a cheeser! Man, I love this kid!

Bella loves shoes. If you can't find your other shoe, Bella probably lost it for you. We went to Target to get her some new shoes, and she was in heaven! She tried on every pair of shoes she could get her hands on and loved it. She does fairly well in the shopping cart, but when she's done, she let's you know!!!!

PS. We're moving back to Utah! We have had a wonderful time here in Florida with my family, and we are now excited to be near Ty's family! Fun! We look forward to our many adventures together!


  1. How fun!!!! When are you coming? Where are you moving? We have to get together!


  2. PLEASE tell me your not joking?! Please please please! Back to Utah?! When?! I'M SO EXCITED!
    P.S. I should tell you, I babysit for free for people I love, and when I don't work, hint, hint. :D


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