Thursday, September 16, 2010

My man...

Let me explain...

For the past year, we have been living with my parents here in Florida (in case the palm trees and beach pics weren't evidence enough), and during this time, my man, Tyrone, has been working on getting his gaming career jump started.

And then, Catapult for Hire was born. The premise: A medieval knight who lost his job in the slumping economy finds work by renting out his catapult to those in the kingdom who could use his services.

He finished a prototype of his game last month and entered it into a competition online, in hopes of being acknowledge by the "indie" community that he was legit - he could make games. Like for reals.

So there were 147 entries to the IndiePub Games Contest this year. Lots of talented people working hard to "prove" themselves, just like Ty.

Well, guess what? That hard work is paying off! He is one of the top six finalists!!!!! SOO COOL!!!

He will fly to Austin, TX for the Game Developers Conference held Oct. 6-8, where they will display his game for all to play, and at the end will announce the winner of the contest! My mom and I were freaking out yesterday when Ty told us. We all shed a few tears of joy!

So now we wait with anticipation!

You're the best E.V.E.R. I love your guts, Tyomeo!

Here is the link:

Scroll down and you'll see the list of finalists. Click "Catapult for Hire" to demo his game! Happy gaming!


  1. That is so exciting!! I looked at the demo and it looks really cool! We will keep you guys in our prayers but it looks like good things are already happening!! Congratulations!! Good luck on the big move too!! Em you always look so dang georgeous in all your pictures!!


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