Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Island Life.

The beach + my family = heaven on earth. Hands down.

This picture makes me melt.

We're back from the beach today - a little tanner, a little fatter, and very relaxed.

I love visiting Little Gasparilla Island! As my Grandpa Buddy says, "It's a MAGIC place." I couldn't agree more.

My cousin Michaela (pictured above) and her family were visiting the island from out of state and let us come crash their party. We had a blast!

Bella played with her 2nd cousin Noah (he's a month older), and they both LOVED getting into mischief together! Climbing on tables, picking up breakables, eating sand and shells. Nothing could stop them! (Except maybe a hard core nap). In the picture above, Bella's teaching Noah how to boogie down.

I am a shell hunting addict. It's like digging for tiny treasures. "Just one more pile", I'd say. Yeah right.

I found a crab. Weee!

My babe. Oh how I love her.

All in all, we had a lovely visit and can't wait to go back, as always! Thank you Regans and Grandma and Grandpa for having us!

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