Monday, August 16, 2010

Izzy off to School

My youngest sister started MIDDLE school today!! She's such a cutie.

(Top) Izzy with her heavy backpack.
(Bottom) Bella insisted on wearing my sock - see the right foot? Redneck girl.

New kicks and flower fingernails. She's set. (She did her nails herself!!!)

It was a little bit emotional sending her off on the cheese wagon - It seems like I was just holding her in my arms as a 15-year-old!

I imagine when I'm sending Bella off to school someday, it'll be a similar feeling. Sigh.

Lucky me, she's still only 15 months old! Stay young forever, Bella!

And you too, Izzy. You're only as old as you act! .......That's why I seem so young. :0)

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