Monday, June 14, 2010

Cloud 9

Ty, Bella and I recently returned from a trip to Utah to see the Henrie family and some friends, and wow - we've really missed them. It was so awesome to see everybody!!! Ty and I couldn't stop gushing about how much fun we had!!!

It's so pretty out in Neola, UT!

Our first night, we visited Ty's roots out in Neola. People Population: 300. Cow Population: 1,000. That's just an estimate, but you get the point. It's small. But small doesn't mean it isn't quaint and beautiful. It's where Ty and I first met, had our first kiss, got engaged, and on this trip, we got to see Bella enjoy all the beauties and fun of farm life in Neola.

Bella lovin' on some kitties. Neola, UT

Bella's favorite part was all the animals. With one in each arm, the kittens had no chance! We were laughing so hard at that girl!!!

Visiting Grandma Bev and Grandpa Rouel in Neola, UT and Ogden, UT.

The second night we stayed in Provo with our friends the Deleeuws. We have missed them so much!! We had a blast staying up late after the kids were sleeping, just like old times. To anyone who cares, never ever watch a movie with "Saddle" in the title. It's bound to be awful! LOL.

Friends! I wish we had time to see everyone we wanted to, but for just one day, we did pretty good!! Provo/Orem, UT

The third day we met my friend Megan for lunch at our favorite Costa Vida. Ty and I use to eat there all the time. YUM. Ty was able to visit his old co-workers while I got a cheap haircut from Evans Hair School (bad idea). Haha. Don't ask why I had to get one while on vacation. I don't know! I was just to the point of desperation I guess. My mullet hair-do had to go! We go to visit my friend Nikki and her family after that, and it was so great to see them all!!!

Before leaving town, we had to stop at Hello Yogurt on University Parkway and State in Orem. If you've never been, then GO! SO GOOD!

Then on our way up to Ogden for the family reunion, we stopped to see our friends Ashley and Nate. Bella had a blast teasing the dog and messing up their tidy house! :0) Thanks guys!

I am so happy to have such wonderful friends who actually wanted to see us, too!!! Haha... We were sad we didn't have time to see more of the people we love!!!

The in-laws. They are the best! (not all pictured) Ogden, UT.

Our Henrie Reunion was fabulous and full of excitement!!! Bella LOVED all of her cousins and was running around like a crazy lady. She couldn't get enough of all the kids to play with and all the cool new toys to check out. When she did sleep, she slept hard! (Even with all the noisy kids in the background!!!)

Everyone was doing something - it was chaotic fun! My sister-in-law Camille and I were like "I don't think I've been hungry ALL weekend!" We were always making something yummy and feasting on anything delicious. Thank you Camille for planning the menu, for organizing everything, and for letting us crash at your casa! We had a blast!!!

Cousins! Ogden, UT

It was so awesome to meet our new nephew Teryn (3mos) and our new niece Eliza (4mos)! They are already developing their little personalities! Bella loved all of her cousins...especially when they would take her for a ride on the scooters or tickle her.

However, Bella needed a little time to warm up to a few of her uncles and aunts. She would give them "The Face" (see above pic). She went right to her aunt Camille though! She loved being on her hip!!!

Bella in Mykel and Camille's backyard in Odgen, UT. 06.11.10 (13 months old)

We were planning on taking the boat out on Saturday of that weekend, but the weather just didn't warm up. It stayed in the 60's with rain all day. Bummer. Ty's brother Brandon did end up doing some wake surfing though. He braved the cold waters in his wetsuit. EEK!

After church in Ogden, UT.

Sunday was pleasant and relaxing. We went to Stake Conference for their ward. Something that stood out to me from the speakers was how pride can come by comparing ourselves to others. Guilty. Yes me. So I recommitted myself to catching myself when I do it, and making a change. Love the sabbath day. Everyone needs a good spiritual uplift, right?

My sister-in-law Camille taught me how to make a rag quilt. So fun! Ogden, UT

On our flight home, Bella went through 3 diapers with diarrhea. Nice. I know. Then I was out of diapers. Ugh. With 2 hours left on the flight, I improvised. I'll spare you the details, but it was ugly.

We took lots of pictures of the clouds and ohh-ed and ahh-ed over the view from above. We were on cloud 9. We had such a wonderful visit and realized how much we really missed his family! We are so grateful for them!

And of course, we are so grateful for my own family here in Florida. They have given us so much more than a home to live in. I missed them, too and am glad to be home.

Now back to packing! My parents are in the process of purchasing a house and have to be out of this one in t-minus 4 days. Woot! Bring it on!

Ta Ta for now.


  1. I love all your beautiful pictures, but I think Bella's pigtails are my favorite. Geez, she is just so cute. Glad you guys had so much fun. I think that is how I feel when I go back to Alabama. :)

  2. I love the pictures and funny comments! You always make me smile! The reunion this year was even better than last year (because of the rain and staying in to chat with everyone!) I miss the company! I tried fixing my hair like you did... not as good as your do, but I am still trying! :)

  3. Em, how do you do these awesome collage pics?

  4. I use the picasa program to make the collages! It's so fun!


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