Saturday, February 6, 2010

blogging is like english class

i hate blogging. i really really really want to like it, but it's pretty much torture. maybe cuz i think of it as my journal, and that's kind of a scary thing to just throw out there for everyone to see...even with the privacy settings.

not just that, but it takes me at least an hour to get everything just right: the pictures, fonts, colors...there are too many dang options! and for some reason that stresses me out. not only that, but i spend more time analyzing my sentence structure and grammar that i just end up feeling like i just left a high school english class. ugh.

i want to blog for posterity's sake....cuz really....when bella grows up, all of her bloggy kid friends with good bloggy mommies will have happy little blogs to drool over. i wonder if there will be blog storytime someday for all these babies being blogged about now. funny thought.

anyway. to be more positive now...

we are enjoying our time in florida!

ty is making great progress on his games. he just finished one called Reap that he entered into a showcase. the entries had to be under 5 minutes long and could only use one button. what a fun challenge for him! this showcase is a great opportunity for him to get some exposure right now, but the more long-term goal is to go to the Game Developer's Conference (GDC) with a game he has developed to make his dream of making games independently a success! wow. that was a long sentence. (like i said. blogging is like english class). ty loves what he does and seems so happy to be working from home, enjoying bella as he pleases.

definitely a plus.

me?... most of the time i'm sane. i'm finding more structure to my days and enjoying the freedom while it lasts. bella is crawling so fast and opening cabinets now. so yeah. she's all the work out i need for the day! picking up her 22 pound tub-o-love and chasing her everywhere. holy cow. i must do 200 squats and 300 bicep curls just from her alone!

i love going to crochet club...we meet weekly with some friends from church. we learned how to make the headband in this picture actually! we are all a little obsessed with crafting now. love it.

my latest outlet is cooking. new cook book. new me. it's SO fun...and most of the time it's rewarding. i tried making peanut butter macarons (those egg-white crunchy treats) the other night at like 9pm...not only was it noisy, messy, and very time-consuming, but the dang things came out all wimpy and gooey in the middle. sigh.

bella is awesome. she's going to be 9 months old on Feb. 11th! INSANE!! she jabbers all the time now, and wow - she's really discovering her voice. she rivals my sister #3, who is 10 years old! where do i get ear plugs anyway?

bella loves to watch buddy the dog, and to be chased. it's her favorite game. she also loves to empty out the tupperware cabinet and climb in. she throws those plastic containers around like they're nothin! that girl has some strength! just look at them thighs!

wow. my brain doesn't work so well at 11:41pm.

random thought. if you knew you only had another week to live, what would you change about your life? since having a kid, i think like that all the time. thank goodness for bella to put things in perspective.

i would definitely be nicer. and i would show my love more than i do now. i guess i'll just keep workin on it!

well, 12:14am. bella should be waking up soon...maybe i should get some sleep before then. yeah. that would be nice.

is there anyone who wants to be my parenting coach? i had one back in utah...jeannie...where are you? i need help figuring all this sleep schedule stuff out. maybe there's an FDA approved tranquilizer i can give her that lasts all through the night.

now i'm really dreamin.

dreaming...that sounds nice.

ps. i hate if you read all of this, then my blog appreciates you.


  1. I read it, I read it!!! =0) I was so excited to get on this morning and see that you had updated your blog! I miss you guys all the way over there in Florida, so anything to give me a sense of how you're doing is WONDERFUL!! Bella is BEAUTIFUL!! And so BIG!!! Give her a hug and a kiss for me! Tell Ty hello too =0) LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

  2. Emily, I love reading your blog! I completely understand what you mean about being in an English class. I taught 9th grade English for goodness sakes, and I still worry about what I write! Bella is so cute and so big! Not to bust your bubble, but since I was nursing, Caroline did not sleep all the way through the night until I weaned her. Now, when she sleeps twelve or thirteen hours, I sleep in with her (when I can of course). I feel justified!

  3. i love reading your blog, em! bella is beautiful and so huge and adorable!!! really, those thighs just kill me. everytime i see them i just want to squeeze them! i know what you mean about hating blogging, loading the pictures and arranging it how you want it takes forever and is so annoying! i totally agree. i hope bella starts sleeping better for you soon! simon's sleeping varies, but he's the worst when he's teething. when his teeth are fine, he usually sleeps through the night. is she teething right now? by the way, i LOVE that headband! too bad you're not in alabama because i would love for you teach me how to make that! i may have to start a crochet club here :) i'm glad you're doing so well down in florida! good luck keeping up with miss bella! :) christine

  4. I love it. Keep these coming. Maybe next time do a tutorial on this ca-ute headbands!!! Holy smokes those are cute!! I'm glad all is going well :) read the baby whisperer! :)

  5. I love to read your blog too!! We love the videos too! I'm glad you guys are happy out there in the sunshine. We miss you like crazy! You know I would love to be your parenting coach. Anything I can do for you long distance, you know I would!! Just ask! Take care! We love you!!


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